Wasmerize Project

Web Assembly [wasm] is evolutionizing the web applications with new technologies to end users.
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Application of Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI)

Most artificial intelligence research investigates intelligent behavior for a single agent solving problems heuristically, understanding natural language, and so on. Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) is concerned with coordinated intelligent behavior.

Internet of Things (IOT) for AI training

How IOT helps with artificial intelligence. AI enabled IoT creates intelligent machines that simulate smart behavior and supports in decision making with little or no human interference. Combining these two streams benefits the common person and specialists alike.

Application of LIDAR in Neural Network based Computer Vision

Machine learning in tracking associations with stereo vision and lidar observations for an autonomous vehicle.

What we are up to these days

AI is more computationally intensive because it needs to read through lots of data until it learns to understand it – that is, is trained. This training is very inefficient compared to how people learn. Modern AI uses artificial neural networks, which are mathematical computations that mimic neurons in the human brain. So where do we harvest the power? Millions of CPUs of PCs, Laptops and Smart Phone are idle most of the night and part of the day, we are looking at how to harvest this power, and finding ways to communicate to such users.

Use When Idle

We will not slow down your system when you are using it, our logic only harvests power if CPU usage is below 20%.

Get Paid

We track all the processing power that was utilzed and you will be rewarded.

Get Usage Credits

If you are in mining, you may use our vast CPU power just by using your power harvested credits.

Harvesting Made Easy

We have all the necessary software, you may run it on the browsers or install it locally.

Partnership Programs

If you enroll people to sell us their unused processing power, you get a chunk of the payment.

We Provide Training

We make it easy by providing training in the area of your choice.

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